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TheThe Wyoming Society

The National Society of The Colonial Dames of America in the State of Wyoming was formed in 1913 as an organization devoted to fostering an interest in preserving manuscripts, relics and mementos of bygone days and to stimulate a spirit of true patriotism, a genuine love of country and to impress upon our youth the sacred obligation of honoring the memory of our heroic ancestors.  The NSCDA has over 15,000 members in 44 Corporate Societies that continue the mission of actively promoting our national heritage through historic preservation, patriotic service and educational programs.

Membership in the organization is by invitation only. Members must be lineal descendants of an ancestor who rendered significant service to our country during the colonial period before July 5, 1776.

The headquarters of NSCDA-WY is in Sheridan, Wyoming.

The Wyoming Society is the proud owner of The Mandel Cabin and Post Office located in the Dorothy King Reflective Garden in the Whitney Commons Park in Sheridan, Wyoming.

NSCDA-WY is also proud to support Dumbarton House, Gunston Hall, Sulgrave Manor, The Internet Database of Descendants Lineage (IDDL) and The American Indian Medical Scholarship.

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